Scientific Conference
‘New Aspects and Trends in the Development of Equipment for the Light Industry’

23 June 2008
Congress Centre (Press Hall)

Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation


14:00-14:15 ‘Creating Economic Conditions for Reequipment and Modernization of the Russian Textile and Light Industry’
Representative of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation
14:15-14:30 ‘Prospects of Innovative Development of the Russian Textile Industry’
Lavrentyeva E.P., Deputy Director, Scientific and Research Institute for the Cotton Industry
14:30-14:45 ‘Current State of the Leather and Footwear Machine-Building Sector and Its Main Development Areas’
Andrunakievich A.G., General Director, Russian Union of Tanners and Shoemakers
14:45-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-15:45 ‘Equipment for Basalt Fiber Production’
Karateeva L.I., Candidate of Science (Engineering), Department for Machine Science and Quality Management, Moscow State Textile University named after A. N. Kosygin
15:45-16:00 ‘Pre-treatment of open-width knitted fabric’
Sharkaev V.Ya., Director of the Benninger AG Representative Office in Moscow
16:00-16:15 ‘Modern Technologies and Equipment for Production of Non-Woven Needle-Punched Fabric’
Siegfried Bernhardt, Commercial Director, Spinbau (Germany)

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