Textile professionals discuss issues of the industry at Inlegmash Conference

15 / 03 / 2022

The 2nd Inlegmash International Industry Conference attracts great attention of the professional audience as a large-scale industry project held within the conference programme of Russian Textile Week

Today, the conference featured a number of significant events dedicated to the industry agenda. 

EXPOCENTRE AO with the support of the Kosygin Russian State University organised the panel 'Digital manufacturing. Digital twins', dedicated to the future development of light industry enterprises on the basis of digitalisation. The panel was moderated by Alexey Silakov, Vice Rector for Research at the Kosygin Russian State University. The speakers were Professor Oleg Kascheev, Chief Expert of the Worldskills Russia competence "Digital Manufacturing", representative of Siemens Sergey Galkin, General Director of PROSOFT Dmitry Shvetsov, and other prominent experts. 

They discussed a wide range of topics, from Industry 4.0 and responsible production as a fundamental trend in the development of the textile and garment industry in the 21st century, to training professionals in the field of digital production, to simulation modelling as a tool for creating a digital twin of production in light industry and others.

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"New technologies for garment enterprises" was the topic of a panel organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and Souzlegprom. As noted by the moderator of the meeting, Mikhail Shpilkin, Head of the Unionlegprom Committee for Digital Printing and Textile Decoration, the aim of the event was to familiarise the audience with new technologies of sewing, cutting equipment, software and automation of sewing production, certification systems of production for international cooperation. These topics were presented by experts from leading industry companies.

The panel 'Digital printing and textile decorations' followed, which was also led by Mikhail Shpilkin. Representatives of the industry reviewed the results of the digital printing and textile decoration segment in Russia in 2021 and forecasts of development for 2022, shared their experience of using modern digital printing equipment, as well as equipment for textile processing before and after digital printing.

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Evgeniy Rumyantsev, Rector of Ivanovo State Polytechnic University, and Veronika Bobrovskaya, Deputy Director of the Light Industry and Forestry Complex at the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade, spoke at the meeting Personnel for the Russian textile and garment industry: professions and qualifications, up-to-date content of educational programmes, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and Souzlegprom. 

As Evgeniy Rumyantsev noted, in particular, there is sewing production in 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation in one form or another. And as for the educational centres for training personnel for this industry, they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Textile factories, garment production also need workers, although designers, technologists are also needed, said the head of the university.

Another thematic meeting "Social media alternatives: from brands to industrial enterprises. Why and how?" was devoted to a discussion of advertising campaigns in social networks for industrial enterprises, as well as a breakdown of mistakes in working with social networks. It was moderated by Daria Yadernaya, curator of the joint MBA programme of MGIMO and the British Higher School of Design Fashion Industry Management, and Olga Yefimova, producer, stylist and expert in content for brands. 

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A rich day of supporting events concluded the conference 'Recycling and Waste Recycling - Technologies' organised by EXPOCENTRE AO and Souzlegprom. Experts in natural fibres and recycling, representatives of industry associations, leading companies and research institutes discussed the recycling of textile waste and old clothes into yarn, technological opportunities for textile waste recycling, technological features of textile material recycling, eco-initiatives in the fashion industry as applied to the light industry and recycling. 

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO