Bettarini & Serafini S.r.l. bematic at Inlegmash-2018 in March

26 / 02 / 2018

Bettarini & serafini bematic participates this year in Inlegmash and expects its visitors at booth FE040.
Bettarini & Serafini bematic is present on the foreign markets as a modern Company which is open to its customers requirements. Thanks to high achieved performances, the company is able to propose versatile nonwovens lines or single nonwoven equipment which are, at the same time, simple and effective.
The production range is divided in two categories: one is the direct felt line using air forming technology and the other one is the more traditional line using carding machines:
-The direct felt line is a new air technology, which has been planned and developed to manufacture Non-Woven by processing any type of fiber,  textile wastes and also non textile components, such as, cellulose, foam chips, plastic, wooden fibers etc.
-The traditional line equipped with carding machine Is for all the traditional Non-Woven sectors: from the needle, to the thermo-bond up to the calendared sector.
Among services are: complete nonwovens lines with carding machine, complete nonwovens lines with aerodynamic forming equipment, complete laboratory nonwovens line, single equipment to install in existing nonwovens line, single equipment to install in new lines collaborating with other nonwoven suppliers. Our products in particular are: feeding preparation, openers, fine openers, hopper feeder, weight control, carding machine, aerodynamic former, cut trimming and accessories as Condenser, Duct switch T- Valve metal detector, magnetic detector and filter mod CF/CFR.
Final products have different applications as Geotextile, Abrasive, Medical, bedding and mattress products, building/construction/insulation, automotive and appliance products, furniture and foam replacement etc.
We invite visitors to the booth FE040 to discuss cooperation, share ideas and grow your business.