TEXNOLOGY: Next generation nonwoven machines at Inlegmash in March 20-23

05 / 03 / 2018

TEXNOLOGY is a 20 year old company near Venice, Italy that emerged out of a non-woven producing company. Texnology manufactures needle looms, web drafters, profiling systems, turnkey lines and is a world leader in high speed cross lapper systems. These technologies are organized into a three-level machinery portfolio. Series X1 is dedicated for average performance, entry level; X2 for high performance, with a top quality price ratio; X3 for very high performance, for competitive differentiation on the final product. With this arrangement Texnology can supply every kind of project and meet any budget.

The Texnology technology center offers trials with the customer's material and a personal demonstration of this revolutionary technologies.

Grow your business, close deals and share experience with Texnology at booth FE040 during Inlegmash!