Foreign manufacturers of textile equipment at Inlegmash 2020

21 / 11 / 2019

Inlegmash, held at Expocentre Fairgrounds on 1720 March 2020 within Russian Textile Week, will present the latest industry solutions and equipment. Leading Russian and foreign companies offering the entire range of modern textile and garment industry solutions will be amongst exhibitors.

ELITEX FINISHING (Czechia) makes standard drying-tilting/stabilization machines under the ELITEX brand, as well as customized finishing lines. The manufacturer provides installation, commissioning and staff training services in addition to full technical modernization of previously purchased ELITEX machines, gasification of ELITEX and printing machines of other European brands, as well as supply of spare parts and consumables.

Foreign manufacturers of textile equipment at Inlegmash 2020

COMSAT (Spain) is a known manufacturer of draw-frame, beaming and edging wrappers, standard and moving creels with various types of tensioners, measuring-and inspecting machines, and weaving machine winders. Contractual services include installation, commission, staff training and supply of spare parts.

AMATEX (Poland) is a leading European supplier of second-hand textile and knitwear equipment and full-cycle production lines, as well as machines manufacturing technical textiles and non-woven fabrics. It offers comprehensive delivery service, including dismantling, installation and commissioning, staff training, advice and technical support. The company also buys used machine tools and machines in Russia and the CIS countries.

GF Machinery (Czechia) specializes in the production of machines and lines for processing glass/basalt fiber, glass/basalt fabrics: direct and indirect cutting, slitting/cross cutting lines, lamination, chemical processing of technical fibers and fabrics.

Foreign manufacturers of textile equipment at Inlegmash 2020

The company also offers hot melt gluing lines, fiberglass cutters for car roofs, torsion, roving, printing, and drying machines, crevasses, manipulators and electronic components.

It provides installation, commissioning, staff training and supply of spare parts in addition to modernization and repair of operating production lines and machines, and technological consultations.

VUTS (Czechia) makes next-generation pneumatic and hydraulic looms for production of technical textiles, microwave dryers, as well as measuring instruments and sensors for static and dynamic indicators of yarn for all types and models of weaving machines. It provides installation, commissioning, staff training and supply of spare parts.

CEDIMA (Czechia) makes textile equipment for processing technical fabrics (fiberglass, fiberglass mesh), as well as traditional textiles: knitting looms for large-rolls weaving machines, center knurls, automatic rewinding machines, chamber systems for cutting fabrics, impregnation lines for various technologies, impregnating units and unwinding devices., , , , .

ZANFRINI (Italy) makes bows for all types/models of weaving machines, warping/sizing machines, supply of heald frames, lamellas, galleys, hooks and other equipment.

The French manufacturer of spare parts PETIT SPARE PARTS will present components for spinning, twisting, braiding, textured, circular knitting, warp and other textile/knitting machines such as thread guides, ceramics of all types, including buttonholes, hooks, sensors, thread tensioners, spindles, gear motors, reels, spools, rollers, thread conductors, etc.

Production of spiral and lower flat knives and cylinders for all brands of shearing machines will be presented by HEUSCH (Germany, est. 1850).

Hansa Industrie-Mixer GmbH (Germany) is a manufacturer of laboratory equipment, foam and mixing machines, metering systems and CIP cleaning for the textile industry, production of floorings and non-woven materials, adhesives, packaging, leather, imitation fur, etc.
Our services: delivery of equipment, assembly, setup, training of personnel, supply of spare parts, modernization and servicing.