Ivanovoiskozh: new high-tech multilayer material production line

29 / 11 / 2019

Ivanovoiskozh has started manufacturing polymer-coated multilayer materials with a width of up to 3.2 meters using a new high-tech production line. The project kicked off in spring 2017, and principal equipment was supplied by the Italian company AIGLE MACCHINE.

The new production line has been appreciated by Ivanovo Region Governor Stanislav Voskresensky and Director of the Textile and Timber Industry Department of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Yevgeny Ryzhov. This is not surprising, it is a technologically unique project for Russia, Asia and Europe, said Ivanovoiskozh Managing Director Dmitry Lukyanenko.

The new line makes multilayer materials with a width of over 3 meters, which is truly innovative for Russia. Not a single enterprise of the country has done that before. Over the first nine months of 2019, the company yielded 4.4 square meters of PVC coated fabrics and 2.8 million square meters of binding material. Morebthan 720 million rubles worth of products were shipped.

The fact that Ivanovoiskozh makes technical textiles is another unique feature, said Mr. Ryzhov. The new production line required 630 million ruble investment and was implemented with the support of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trades leasing support program, a preferential loan provided by the Industry Development Fund, and partnership with Sberbank and Sberbank Leasing. The company is expecting a positive financial effect in 2020.

Governor Stanislav Voskresensky underlined the eco-friendly production cycle. In the words of Ivanovoiskozh Managing Director Lukyanenko, up to 20% of the project costs fell on environmental issues. As a result, the projects environmental footprint was minimised, which is very important today.

Soon enough, the company plans to enter the global market and export up to 10% of goods made by the new production line to Europe and Russias neighboring countries.

Founded in 1968, Ivanovoiskozh makes PVC coated materials, binding materials, and PVC goods for the car, oil, construction and other industries. It sells tent materials, covering and reinforced materials, artificial leather, shoe materials and floor coverings, finished products from PVC materials such as tents, including for the needs of the Russian ministries of defense and emergency situations, pavilions, tents, drilling shelters, etc. Ivanovoiskozh is researching and developing PVC materials, including the creation of fireproof tent material, antistatic heat-insulating material, etc.