Textile printer MS JP4 installed in Siberia

26 / 12 / 2019

The most powerful textile printing complex in Siberia based on the MS JP4 Evo printer and the Monti Antonio 91-2000 calender has been installed on the premises of Evromarket in Novosibirsk.

Given the growing demand for pattern diversity and the reducing demand for same-pattern fabrics, the company realised the need to open production facilities with high-performance equipment capable of fulfilling urgent orders with high-quality printing.

JP4 is the most common type of industrial textile printer in the world: more than 550 such printers of various series and modifications have been installed by now. By the time the machine was installed in Evromarket, Russia had 14 printers of the sort in operation. The new printer MS JP4 Evo (8 single-channel heads Kyocera KJ4B and 8-colour print layout) makes it possible to print directly on fabric. This is the first printer without the transfer belt, which imposes a number of limitations on work with fabrics and does not allow working with knitwear.

The Monti Antonio 91-2000 calender installed by Evromarket provides thermal transfer of the pattern from sublimation paper to polyester fabrics of any density and weave, and can be used to fix pigment ink on natural fabrics. It can also be used for fabric duplication and steaming. Using a 500-mm heating cylinder, the model allows to organise industrial-scale production.

All Monti Antonio calenders are equipped with oil-filled heating drums, which ensure maximum uniformity of cylinder heating and the complete absence of printing artifacts characteristic of Asian oil-free calendar models. The electronic control system of the heating drum guarantees stable temperatures with minor fluctuations of 1C. The built-in felt alignment system allows to work with the most complex fabrics without compromising the quality of thermal transfer. An automatic adjustable felt tension system, equipped with pressure gauges for the convenience of operators, allows to fine-tune the parametre for both ultra-thin and very thick fabrics.

For the purpose of quality control, the company procured NeoMatch software and X-Rite Pro spectrophotometer.

Evromarket is using MySybli (Italy) and Transjet sublimation paper (Switzerland). The MS textile printer and the Monti Antonio calendar were commissioned in December 2019. Textile and Technologies provides full service and technological support.