Digital textile printing demonstrated 15% growth in 2019

09 / 01 / 2020

MS Printing Solutions has reported a 15% growth in consumption of digital textile printing ink in 2019.

A leading manufacturer of digital textile printers, MS Printing Solutions, has summed up the results of last year. The year was quite fruitful for MS and JK Group. The global sales of new MS equipment grew 12%, while ink sales increased 15% year-on-year. The growth rates evidence popularity of the solutions offered by the company, a leader of the digital textile printing market, and an upward trend in distribution of digital textile printing equipment as a whole.

Nowadays, MS, an affiliate of Dover Group, is a global leader in terms of industrial printers sold. The new model MS Mini Lario, which made its premiere at the ITMA 2019 exhibition, drew attention of potential clients. Over a dozen of printers of this make have been sold.

Another affiliate of Dover Group, JK Group, accounts for 24% of the global ink production. Popularity of Kiian ink results from the constantly improving ink formula and reduction of prime costs due to the increased output.

The new series of hybrid ink Kiian KDX and sublimation ink Kiian Digistar Smart became available in Russia in January 2020.