Effective solutions from VELLES serving Russian textile industry (booth FB010 )

16 / 01 / 2020

VELLES Group established in 1992 is a supplier of solutions for Russian textile industry enterprises. The company started selling Brother household sewing machines a year after it opened a store on a Moscow square housing three rail terminals. The company has been working on the market of industrial sewing machines since 1995.

In 1998, VELLES became one of the first companies to present a broad range of sewing equipment at the Inlegmash international exhibition. Since then, it has been taking part in leading annual industry shows and has established itself as one of the oldest actors on the Russian market of textile industry equipment. Many foreign brands, which are currently known to the general public, arrived in Russia thanks to VELLES. These include Garudan, the Czech manufacturer of sewing machines for heavy materials, the Japanese company JUKI, a leading producer of household and industrial sewing machines, and many others.

VELLES made industrial hardware a separate business in 2005, started to deliver Brother industrial sewing machines and Toyota embroidery machines, and presented Kansai Special specialized sewing machines. Later on, the company continued to broaden its product range with new brands, such as Ricoma embroidery machines (the United States), the Lelit ironing equipment (Italy), Organ needles (Japan), Shulze fabric primers (Germany), and others.

In the 2000s, the company created a dealership network across Russia (nowadays, it has over 50 representative offices and dealers in Russian cities), and the delivery of industrial sewing equipment manufactured under the company brand, VELLES, began in 2006. Since 2010, the company has been successfully developing in the area of digital textile printing with Brother direct textile printers. The strong standing and market experience enabled the company to become in 2015 an official distributor of Melco embroidery machines (the U.S.). In 2019, VELLES was named an official distributor of ZSK GMBH (Germany).

Therefore, VELLES Group has developed one of the broadest multi-brand ranges of equipment for the sewing and textile industries. By now, VELLES has established itself as a reliable supplier of textile industry equipment boasting years of experience. The wide product range and contacts with manufacturers enable the company to develop modern technological solutions for manufacturing enterprises and to offer the best available technologies to Russian factories.

The corporate storage and transport infrastructure, and logistic and service divisions allow VELLES to accomplish a variety of complex missions of the delivery and startup of equipment. Automatic programmable sewing machines, embroidery and knitting machines, quilting equipment, and textile printers are only some of the areas of the companys operation. The company keeps searching for specialized technological solutions, which will enable its clients to step up production automation and labor productivity, and thereby makes a contribution to higher competitiveness of the Russian textile light industry.

At the Inlegmash 2020 exhibition, the company will present ZSK RACER 6S, MELCO EMT16X, and VELLES VE 25C-TS NEXT embroidery machines, the VELLES VFK 256N 10G knitting machine, the BROTHER GTX422 textile printer, the SCHULZE BASIC automatic textile primer, the CHIOSSI E CAVAZZUTI DIDO SHOP textile dryer, the VP 4050 heat press machine, and BROTHER, VELLES, MAUSER SPEZIAL and KANSAI SPECIAL sewing machines.