The list of core organisations was approved

22 / 04 / 2020
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On April 17, based on the results of the meeting of the Government Commission for Increase of Sustainability of the Russian Economy Development, the list of system-forming organisations was approved.

The list included 246 organisations of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade competencies, selected for 15 different industries:

  • Garment industry.
  • Automobile industry.
  • Aviation industry.
  • Radio-electronic industry.
  • Machine tool engineering.
  • Oil and gas engineering.
  • Shipping industry.
  • Power engineering, electrical engineering and cable industry.
  • Heavy engineering.
  • Timber industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Railway engineering.
  • Industry of socially important goods.
  • Conventional arms industry.
  • Ammunition and special chemistry industry.

These industries will be complemented by new enterprises that meet the established criteria.

Also, this week a list of core organisations in the following industries will be approved:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry.
  • Medicine industry.
  • Metallurgy industry.
  • Agricultural engineering.
  • Specialized engineering.
  • Mechanical Engineering for Food and Processing Industry.
  • Industry of building materials (products) and building structures.
  • Manufacture of folk arts and crafts.
  • Wholesale and retail trade.
  • Furniture Industry.

On the basis of the State Information System of Industry (SISI) a mechanism for monitoring the status of all organisations on the list has been implemented. The mechanism will make it possible to identify emerging critical situations and timely respond to them.

In addition we inform about the list of organisations on Garment Industry.

Criteria for Garment Industry:

Revenue - at least 2,000 million rubles;
Staff - not less than 200 people.

List of enterprises:

  • Volga Tannery AO, TIN:6913015706
  • Cotton combine OAO "Shuyskie Sitsy", TIN:3706008060
  • Gexa - Nonwovens OOO, TIN:7714132189
  • Parizhskaya kommuna ZAO MOF, TIN:7705032967
  • Faradei Company AO, TIN:7728135260
  • Unichel shoe company , TIN:7448008453
  • Vostok-Servis-Spetskomplekt AO, TIN:7722202993
  • Promkomplektatsiya , TIN:7721624833
  • BTC GROUP , TIN:7816043890
  • Class NPP AO, TIN:7724032017
  • Egorevsk-obuv , TIN:5011017647
  • KHROM AO, TIN:7601001724
  • TDL Textile OOO, TIN:3730010504
  • Bosco Manufacturing , TIN:4027131618
  • TVOE , TIN:7706741162
  • Kamyshin Textile , TIN:3436017030
  • Avangard , TIN:7826741774
  • Sharm Factory OOO, TIN:6730061529
  • Komitex , TIN:1101300281
  • Energocontract AO, TIN:7703268269
  • Obuv Rossii , TIN:5407249872
  • Tchaikovsky Textile OOO, TIN:5920015180
  • PNK named after Kirov S.M. , TIN:7825666563
  • DM Textile OAO, TIN:6145004835
  • TD GUM , TIN:7710035963

The list of organisations can be found at the following link: