The list of instructions of Russian President Vladimir Putin was approved following the meeting on the light industry issues

26 / 06 / 2020

Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions following a meeting on the situation in the light industry, held on June 3, 2020.

1. To the Government of the Russian Federation:
) to ensure allocation of budget allocations from the federal budget for: increasing up to 1 billion rubles annually subsidizing to light industry enterprises a part of the cost of servicing loans aimed at replenishing working capital; providing subsidies for compensation of losses in the income of Russian leasing organisations when granting the lessee a one-time discount at the rate of 50% of the purchase price of equipment for light industry enterprises when making an advance payment; implementation of measures of the "Complex programme of linen products manufacture support for the period till 2025" in the amount of not less than 242 million rubles annually
Completion date August 15, 2020;

b) to approve a set of measures for the creation of favorable conditions for the functioning of light industry enterprises to reduce the shadow sector, including measures aimed at: reducing the share of illegal import, production and turnover of light industry products, including counterfeit; creation of infrastructure facilities and industrial sites for the production of light industry products; adjustment of the taxation system of the industry; development of remote methods of selling goods.

Completion date September 15, 2020;

c) to submit proposals for changes in approaches to the formation and mechanisms of the system of state material reserve, including paying attention to: clarifying the nomenclature of material assets of the state reserve and the norms (volumes) of their accumulation based on an assessment of current challenges and threats, as well as the rational use of these assets in everyday life; ensuring the necessary volumes of financing the formation, refreshing and maintenance of material assets of the state material reserve; using of the state material reserve system as a regulatory mechanism in the market, having worked out the issue of the possibility of the manufacturer to provide a guarantee for repurchase of goods supplied to the state material reserve after a certain period of time, provided that the stock of material assets is preserved; working out the issues of clarifying the powers and responsibilities of federal executive bodies in this area.
Completion date July 31, 2020;

d) to ensure that the draft law "On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation on Circulation of Medical Devices" is submitted to the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, which provides for submission by manufacturers and importers of medical devices to Roszdravnadzor of data on each series (batch) of the specified products put into circulation on the territory of the Russian Federation, and analysis of the data when monitoring the safety of medical devices;

e) to prepare proposals to establish the priority of domestic light industry products in procurement.
Completion date July 15, 2020;

f) to consider the expediency of: the inclusion of certain sub-branches of light industry in the list of the branches of the Russian economy most affected by the worsening of the situation as a result of the spread of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) or the spread of certain support measures, acting for these branches, to the enterprises of the mentioned sub-branches of light industry.
Report before July 1, 2020;

transition to life cycle contracts on deliveries of textile products, clothes, means of individual protection of reusable use of domestic manufacture for federal and regional medical organisations, the state corporations, the state companies and economic societies, in authorized capital of which the share of participation of the Russian Federation in aggregate exceeds 50 percent, and also their affiliated legal bodies;
Report before July 31, 2020;

g) Include in the national plan of action to ensure the recovery of employment and income, economic growth and long-term structural changes, measures to develop light industry to enhance its competitiveness
Completion date June 30, 2020;

h) with the participation of supreme executive government bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to ensure an increase in the share of domestic sports products used by the subjects of physical culture and sport in the Russian Federation
Completion date July 31, 2020
Responsible: M. V. Mishustin;

i) together with the Government of the Ivanovo region to submit proposals on state support of the pilot project of creation of a technopark in the Ivanovo region, aimed at attracting and developing light industry enterprises belonging to small and medium-sized businesses, with the participation of leading organisations engaged in trade activities through the sale of goods remotely, and possible replication of this project in the Russian Federation.
Report before July 31, 2020
Responsible: M. V. Mishustin, S. S. Voskresensky

taking into account the current situation, to ensure that the efficiency indicators of granting subsidies from the federal budget to light industry enterprises to reimburse part of the cost of servicing loans aimed at replenishing working capital are updated.
Completion date October 1, 2020
Responsible: D. V. Manturov, A. G. Siluanov

to recommend to consider the issue and, if necessary, make decisions on granting subsidies to light industry enterprises to compensate for part of the cost of promoting domestic products of light industry on electronic trading platforms and (or) to pay for services to create ones own online store.
Completion date September 1, 2020
Responsible: supreme executive bodies of state power of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.