Promising hemp fiber spinning technologies: LAROCHE ottonization equipment

10 / 07 / 2020

We are pleased to announce the amazing results of the French company LAROCHE. For several months, Europe's best technologists have been testing French technical hemp straw in order to extract the best fibres for use in the textile industry, without using chemicals and only mechanically.

The photo shows the first fabric samples obtained from hemp trust fibers (hemp straw after maceration in the field) using the technology of straw decoration, and then thinning and cottoning the fibers on the Laroche equipment. Spinning and weaving were made by our partners in Europe. This fabric is used basically for furniture.

Historically, hemp cultivation has been traditional for Russia, and in terms of agrotechnical conditions it provides certain advantages in crop rotations with mass commercial crops within the agriculture of the black and non-black soil zones. Hemp fiber belongs to the class of bast fibers together with flax fiber, and the problems of the technology of processing these fibers in spinning are similar.

The Laroche cottonization process chain is an extension of the straw or trust fibre production line, based on the technology of decorating, dedusting, cleaning and refinement of the fibres. The Laroche cottonizing line consists of the following technological modules: fibre slicing, cleaning, cottonization (fibre breakage into elementary fibres and reduction of linear density of the fibres), second cleaning and boiling.

Moreover, it is important to know that in order to obtain quality fibers from the raw materials, the proper maceration process and sufficient tensile strength of the original raw material are required. At the same time, the technological core of the cottonizing line is the EXEL cottonizing module with two double-drum cottonizators (only 4 fiber-retaining drums).

Testing of hemp straw are continuing to this day, with the aim of achieving even greater refinement of the fibres and fabrics respectively, in order to increase the percentage of hemp cottonin with cotton or wool blended yarn (50/50). All samples can be seen and touched at the Laroche Test Centre in France in Cours-la-Ville, where we are always happy to meet you.

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