Feedback from participants in Russian Textile Week and the INLEGMASH 2022 exhibition

18 / 03 / 2022

Andrey Razbrodin, President of Souzlegprom:

Our Russian exhibitors are in great need of modern exhibition activities. The foreign partners who held exhibitions here did so in the interests of foreign, European companies. Russian exhibitors were largely secondary. Therefore, today we need to hold exhibitions for our own people and expand interaction with our colleagues from Eastern countries. Especially as the brands which are now leaving Russia, as they are announcing, are almost all sewn in China, Bangladesh... from the same fabrics. So with some sensible logistics and the right approach, nothing will change in our lives. There is a serious window of opportunity. Our time is coming. We need to unite and we need to take advantage of it.

Natalia Shekhanova, Director General of DAP RU:

A trade show is always a good opportunity to develop our business, find new contacts, and show our equipment in action. It is always very useful and effective. Our company is a subsidiary of two German brands, Dürkopp Adler and PFAFF Industrial, which have been on the market for over 160 years. In Russia we sell equipment, provide service, and support customers. We are waiting for everyone at INLEGMASH. You will see everything for yourself.

Dmitry Gratskov, Marketing Director at Smart-T:

The unique Digital Factory project is now in its second year at INLEGMASH. It is a prototype of a textile factory in operation, which clearly demonstrates the production process from design to printing, digital cutting and sewing the final product. INLEGMASH is an excellent platform for demonstrating new products and technologies for the digital garment production.

Maxim Vainores, Commercial Director at HAMCORE:

 We are delighted to once again take part in the INLEGMASH exhibition. For us, a trade show is always a boost in sales and feedback. It is also always an understanding of our position on the market. Participation in INLEGMASH is an important tool for our promotion.

Akaki Dzhvarsheishvili, General Director of PRINTEX RUSSIA:

 We can see the interest, people are interested in these technologies, they come and see our equipment. Based on the results of the past exhibitions, I can say that quite a lot of deals have been concluded and implemented not only in Russia, but also in Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. We will certainly take part in INLEGMASH next year.

Viktor Nakashidze, Chairman of Supervision Board at MATEK:

MATEK presented its partners at the INLEGMASH 2022 exhibition. These are the world's best manufacturers of cutting equipment, machines for the production of knitted goods, including those with the ability to scan a person and 3D modelling clothes. At our stand we have the WorldSkills competition in the competence Digital Fashion Designer". Having scanned a person, participants develop patterns, which they will then try on the resulting scanned image, without having yet to sew or spend time on the production of the sample or the purchase of fittings. They can already judge from the 3D avatar how the product will fit a person. And if adjustments are needed, they will make adjustments before the prototype is even sewn. At present, this is the only complete solution in the world that includes all components and is used by up to 80% of European clothing manufacturers and leading global brands. You can see for yourself how it's all done by coming to INLEGMASH.

Erna Barkans, Development Director at KNIT:

What is an exhibition? Its about new opportunities, including meeting our friends, clients and partners, seeing something new for ourselves, to pick up trends in our market. What are we striving for now? Of course, it is very important for every manufacturer in the current situation to find something very interesting for themselves, to see it at our stand. To understand how our industry is developing. Automation is one of the main trends in our market right now. It is very difficult to find technical staff. Automation is the key to success, which will help to automate manual operations, reduce the number of staff and reduce production costs.

Vitaly Kadun, Director General of ELFORT:

INLEGMASH 2022 presents the main products of the textile industry. In the near future, the development of the clothing industry in our country will make very important strategic sense. There are quite a lot of talented fashion designers in Russia, both young and professional. For our part, we will support fashion designers and manufacturers. We hope that efforts of exhibitors and visitors to this exhibition will lead to further development of the textile and garment industry. We will contribute to this growth by all means.

Dmitry Peresypkin, CEO of TMT Company:

Embroidery equipment and contouring machines were brought to the exhibition. This is now the most advanced technology in the textile industry. This is the first time we have taken part in this exhibition. We expect new clients and new contacts from it.

Maxim Maximov, Head of Textile Printing at KONICA MINOLTA:

 This is the first time we have exhibited at INLEGMASH. The industry, we think, will develop. It needs good quality equipment. Today we can see the influx of people. We are happy to see many people interested in the equipment and printing technologies. We know our customers. They were almost all here this morning. A lot of people are leaving requests for printing, which will increase their market share and enable us to deliver new equipment.

Maxim Petrov, CEO of PLETMASH OOO:

 We take part in the exhibition regularly every year. The exhibition is interesting because you can meet many technical experts and have a much more productive conversation about what is going on. People from different regions come here, because this trade show is one of the few events where you can see everything at once. After all, it is impractical to go to one company from far away, especially from Vladivostok. And at the exhibition, you can meet all your suppliers at once in one visit.

Press Service, EXPOCENTRE AO